Chesterton Aftermath (Part 1)

Thanks for all the comments and questions that you've left on my Monday post on my attraction to G.K. Chesterton's Orthodoxy.  I'm working my way through them and I anticipate that will be my main source of inspiration for posts this week and possibly next if your questions continue.  So here goes...Matt asked a question that was aimed at the heart of my post: It's weird to me that someone would use theology to substantiate their own claims about the world. Wouldn't you use investigation a … [Read more...]

Thinking Skeptically about Atheist Explanations

The Friendly Atheist runs a regular feature called "Ask Richard" -- an advice column penned by atheist Richard Wade.  This week, a former Christian wrote in with an unusual problem.  Before he lost his faith, the writer used to experience what he described as profound moments of spiritual rapture, moments he used to experience as evidence of God's existence and love. Ever since he became an atheist, he still experiences these moments of overwhelming awe, and he wrote in to ask Richard if these w … [Read more...]

Q&A: What counts as proof? What beliefs are provable?

This post is linked to a series inspired by Michael Egnor's eight questions for atheistsI buried some comments about my beliefs about epistemology and evidence for Christianity in the tail-end of yesterday's answer to the question "What Caused the Universe?"  The comments thread has been posing some interesting questions, so this post will serve as follow-up and extension of yesterday's thought. Lukas asked: Would it be fair to summarize this by saying that you think a theory … [Read more...]

Why I Don’t Believe: Euclid and Utili-Christians

This post is one in a series on why I do not believe in Christianity.  You can check out all previous posts at the series index.I don't want to run afoul of the Courtier's Reply fallacy.  No one should need a Ph.D. in theology to be able to form some basic beliefs about God.  Unfortunately, in writing this post, I seem to have established that you need a background in topology to talk to me about morality.  If parts of this post are unclear, please comment and I'll try to revise/explain.  It' … [Read more...]

Why I Don’t Believe: A History Mystery

This post is one in a series of reasons I don't believe in Christianity.  You can check out the series index to see all parts of this sequence.Over the summer, I read "The Mark of a Masterpiece," an excellent New Yorker story by David Grann.  The piece has the feeling of a thriller, opening with the story of art historian Martin Kemp's discovery of a possible drawing by Leonardo da Vinci and following him through his attempts at verification.  The article is well worth reading, blending toge … [Read more...]

Why I Don’t Believe: Unconvincing Conversions

This is the first in a series of posts about why I don't believe in Christianity.  You can check out all posts in this series here.If I am not personally convinced by apologetic arguments for Christianity or if I concede that it is impossible to be converted purely through intellectual arguments, as Kevin has argued in the comments here before, there remains the testimony of converts.  Ought I be moved by the shifts of former atheists and skeptics like Francis Collins?  There are three ways i … [Read more...]

Why I Don’t Believe (Series Index)

 I've used this blog to pick at some parts of religion that I find off-putting (usually on a political level), but I haven't spent that much time explaining why I don't believe in Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, Taoism, etc, etc, etc.The other week, I was in a long conversation with a student proselytizing for a Christian group on campus.  It made me think more deeply about what my most basic, factual objections to Christianity are (which are distinct from objections I have … [Read more...]