Q&A: What counts as proof? What beliefs are provable?

This post is linked to a series inspired by Michael Egnor's eight questions for atheists I buried some comments about my beliefs about epistemology and evidence for Christianity in the tail-end of yesterday's answer to the question "What Caused the Universe?"  The comments thread has been posing some interesting questions, so this post will serve as follow-up and extension of yesterday's thought.   Lukas asked: Would it be fair to summarize this by saying that you think a theory … [Read more...]

Why I Don’t Believe: Euclid and Utili-Christians

This post is one in a series on why I do not believe in Christianity.  You can check out all previous posts at the series index. I don't want to run afoul of the Courtier's Reply fallacy.  No one should need a Ph.D. in theology to be able to form some basic beliefs about God.  Unfortunately, in writing this post, I seem to have established that you need a background in topology to talk to me about morality.  If parts of this post are unclear, please comment and I'll try to … [Read more...]

Why I Don’t Believe: A History Mystery

This post is one in a series of reasons I don't believe in Christianity.  You can check out the series index to see all parts of this sequence. Over the summer, I read "The Mark of a Masterpiece," an excellent New Yorker story by David Grann.  The piece has the feeling of a thriller, opening with the story of art historian Martin Kemp's discovery of a possible drawing by Leonardo da Vinci and following him through his attempts at verification.  The article is well worth reading, blending … [Read more...]