Komen Concedes (but it still sucks)

bucket for cure

Komen spent the last two days reaping a financial windfall from pro-life activists, after they pulled their funding for Planned Parenthood.  (Planned Parenthood had a funding surge, too, prompting a friend of mine to say the whole thing felt like a publicity stunt, or a pro-wrestling storyline).  Now, Komen has purged its new policy. But before any pro-choice readers I've got decide to put the money where their mouths are, let me make a plea that you not give Komen any of your money.  Not … [Read more...]

Look, let me say something pragmatic and hard-hearted

For the last two days, the story of Amelia Rivera has kept showing up in my RSS reader.  Amelia Rivera is a three-year-old girl who is developmentally disabled and suffers from Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome.  She needs a kidney transplant to live, and the hospital her parents went to declined to place her on the transplant list and also refused to let a family member donate a kidney to the girl. The other posts on Patheos on this topic (You love your kid? Too bad! and Determining who is "good … [Read more...]

7 Stat Takes

stat shrimp

--- 1 --- Some time today, BoltBus WiFi permitting, I'm going to take one last look at the statistics you need to know to parse the link between the Pill and breast cancer that Marc of Bad Catholic alluded to in a post earlier this week.  The first post went through some common misunderstandings of the ways risk and percentages are used by epidemiologists.  Today's post will go over some of the questions and objections that came up in the comments. If you're planning to get into these … [Read more...]