Replies on Relationships (with Chaplains and others)

My two recent posts on relationships (with loved ones - God included, and with the Yale Chaplain's office) have both gotten responses I'd like to draw to your attention.  First off, JT fired back after I disputed the idea that Mass-goers were having time stolen from them by religion. Here's an excerpt: But that doesn’t respond to what I said. I bolded the important part. [If you’d rather be at home cuddling someone who means the world to you than sitting in a pew, then your religion has stolen a … [Read more...]

Doing Comment Triage [check back for updates]

I really appreciate all the warm messages of support that I'm getting in the announcement post from this morning, but I'm concerned that the critical comments are going to get buried, so I'm using this post to highlight the ones I've responded to so far.  If I haven't gotten to yours yet, and still haven't in a few days, feel free to still ping and remind me.  I may be waiting because I've got a post lined up that responds to your comment or I may have just lost track of it.You know I'm a p … [Read more...]

Infinite Regress is a Slippery Slope

A friend of mine, who blogs sporadically as Squelchtoad, had a great response to the NYT review of Krauss's book A Universe from Nothing that I mentioned in the recent neuroscience post.  I'm excerpting Squelchtoad's commentary, but you should hop over and read the brief piece yourself: But it occurs to me that the Albert riposte to Lawrence Krauss might also work at least for the more naïve versions of that theological argument. What does it mean for God to be a “necessary being”? Well, some ol … [Read more...]

Bisexuality Q&A

I'd still like more responses to the questions I posed to opponents of gay marriage yesterday, but, since turnabout is fair play, I'll take a crack at some of the questions you guys asked about bisexuality in the thread.  I'll answer any others on this topic in the comments.UPDATE: there's still confusion in the comments so here's the tl;dr takeaway: Bisexuality is totally unrelated to polyamory.  Bisexuality describes the set of people who might attract you.  Polyamory specifies what kind of … [Read more...]

Coming up on Unequally Yoked…

Sorry for the slow responses to your comments. I’ve been (foolishly) trying to reply to every point raised at once. To give myself a little time, I’m using this post to outline the major questions I’m going to try to address, and give you a very brief précis of the posts coming up on these topics. Sound off in the comments if I’ve left out a topic you’d like to get feedback on!What is your definition of God? Aristarchus says: What counts as a god? I say I am an atheist, meaning not only … [Read more...]