Why Have Gender-Segregated Sports at All?

After yesterday's post on the female athlete who's been banned from competition for having too much testosterone, several commenters asked what criteria I would use to distinguish male and female athletes, in lieu of the testosterone titer test.  Jake wrote: I feel like you've skipped the most important part though. What the IOC is really saying is that they've picked a definition of what it means to be eligible to compete in women's sports, and that definition includes some constraint on h … [Read more...]

“Because I am fearfully and wonderfully made”

Frankenstein is at least the great-uncle of the zombie story. The alternate title of Shelley’s book is The Modern Prometheus and we can’t quite decide, when it comes to necromancy, whether it’s more frightening to have Prometheus, Frankenstein, Faust and all the rest fail in their quest or succeed.  Somewhere along the way, our Frankenstein’s creatures acquired a lot more hardware than the bolts in the neck. Today, Shelley’s story has more in common with HAL and cyborgs than it does with the simp … [Read more...]

A (non-authoritative) post on Transgender Issues

There was a request in the comments that I do a post on Transgender issues in the same way I did a post on bisexuality for National Coming Out Day (which was followed by bisexuality Q&A and a post on queer political tactics).  I thought those posts prompted some pretty helpful discussion, so I'm glad to set up another opportunity to go over the basics, but this time I have to tag on some major caveats:I'm not trans (well, except transhumanist), so I'm not speaking from a place of … [Read more...]

Sorry, did someone say ‘Transhumanism?’

You may think no one's mentioned transhumanism on the blog lately, but then you haven't been keeping a close eye on the comments thread for "Time for a Few Facts," my attempt to clarify some of the factual disputes driving the fight about appropriate uses of sacrilege.  You're also probably not looking for any excuse to bring up transhumanism (unlike me!), so dbp's analogy about the Eucharist and replacement knee joints may have passed you by.I don't want to address the analogy; I want to ta … [Read more...]