Returning to Turing Test Methodology

ITT sample size

I'm a little disappointed in the commentariat for not bitching me out when I showed you the winners and losers in the Christian and Atheist rounds of the Turing Test without ponying up sample size numbers.  This year, each entry had its own survey link, so the number of respondents was not constant across a round.  A fairly predictable trend emerged. Note: This isn't the total number of respondents, it's the N for the number of self-declared atheists judging the first round and … [Read more...]

Thanks for your patience and persistence. Here are some charts.

I really want to thank everyone for the tone of the replies so far.  Some of the comment threads elsewhere on the internet have gotten a little unpleasant, but over here, it looks like the regular readers are taking this with mostly civil anger.  Which is a totally reasonable response.  If you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you know I have a lot more respect for people who do pick fights when the stakes are high than "Oh, everyone's entitled to their opinion" types.  Ideas … [Read more...]

Gilbert’s Turing Strategy and Judging Heuristic

Gilbert of The Last Conformer was one of the two all-around winners of this year's Ideological Turing Test, and now he's got two posts up laying out his approach to passing for an atheist and winkling out impersonators in both rounds. I really enjoy the behind the scenes looks everyone is giving us with these follow-up essays.  So, without further ado: Gilbert's writing strategy: My strategy was a compromise. From my honest answers I subtracted the parts that wouldn't fly and then filled … [Read more...]