Questions for Atheists: Does Moral Law Exist in Itself?

This post is one in a series responding to Michael Egnor's challenge to New Atheists to explain what they believe.  And yes, I'm slipping the last answer in right before the year ends. Edited to add: WHOOPS!  I have two questions left.  One on Aristotle's four causes and one on subjective vs. objective experience.  Ah well. there goes my feeling of accomplishment.)For his question on moral law, Egnor set up his prompt as a dichotomy: Does Moral Law exist in itself, or is it an artifact of na … [Read more...]

Natural Moral Theory is Bunk

This is part of a series of posts on gay marriage. You can see all posts in the series at the index.Yesterday, I wrote about the need for religious opponents of same sex marriage to base their objections in facts that are accessible in the secular sphere. Some Catholics maintain that most Christian morality, and sexual morality in particular, are manifestly correct and accessible to all people, whatever their religious background. In a profile in the New York Times, Catholic theologian … [Read more...]

Empirics, Morality, and Rational Ignorance

Time for another go round of responses to comments on the last two posts in my current series on math and morality:Hendy wrote: So turn this to morality. What if smoking pot was permissible starting tomorrow. A large number of people would now take part in it while many others would consider to hold it wrong. Are their internal sensors faulty? Repeat this with abortion, nation-wide permissibility of gay marriage, etc. Some would immediately partake and others would still hold that it was … [Read more...]

Optimized and Arbitrary

This is one of a series of posts about math and morality.  I'll be getting back to the series soon, but I'm currently pausing to answer some of the questions that have been accumulating.In comments on "On What Evidence?" Crowhill and Charles got into a disagreement about human morality and evolution that I exerpt below.Crowhill: Does there have to be some sort of "objective morality" for a dog to know how he's supposed to behave towards other dogs? Isn't it entirely possible that dogs … [Read more...]