Universalism vs. Power

What better to cement the Church’s power and authority than the enshrinement and propagation of the doctrine of limited atonement, together with the assurance that the Church holds the keys to eternal salvation? [Read more…]

Indeed Very Many: Universalism in the Early Church

While the doctrine of universal reconciliation has indeed been a minority position throughout most of Christian history, all one has to do is turn to Augustine, a clear non-Universalist, to see how it was once upon a time a rather popular doctrine. [Read more…]

The Not-So-Virgin Birth of God

Can the man Jesus of Nazareth be fully human if he lacked a biological father? Are we to suppose that the Holy Spirit supplied the Y chromosome needed for Jesus to be a man like us in every way? [Read more…]

An Inappropriate Christmas

There is one passage from the birth narrative of Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew that I think truly captures the meaning of Christmas. [Read more…]

No, We Are NOT Marcionites

The charge of Marcionism is often leveled toward anyone who says that God is just like Jesus, who rejects the violence depicted in the Old Testament, and who insists that Christianity is centered on the ideas of peace and reconciliation. [Read more…]

The Real Story Behind Genesis

The first chapters of Genesis were not written to communicate history or science. Creation stories had an entirely different purpose in the Ancient Near East. [Read more…]

History Will Judge Today’s Christians According to These 4 Questions

Here are four moral questions facing today’s Christians: [Read more…]

The Quest for the Historical Jesus: Part Five

The final post in a five-part series about the historical person Jesus of Nazareth. [Read more…]