The murder of James Foley, ISIS, and Religions of Peace

The death of Foley is deplorable. The actions of ISIS are despicable. But atrocities committed by ISIS are no more representative of Muslim belief than the actions of extremist Christians are representative of mainstream Christianity. [Read more...]

Baptist pastor on why the Bible supports LGBT equality


I believe that Christians who condemn LGBTQ persons are not only misinterpreting Scripture and standing on the wrong side of history (like the pro-slavery Christians once were), they are also betraying the very one they call their Lord. [Read more...]

‘Good’ Demons Vs. ‘Bad’ Angels

We all know, after all, that demons are of course the fallen angels who rebelled with Lucifer, right? Yet this aspect of Christian mythology is in fact a latecomer, and prior to about the late second century and early third, such an automatic assumption did not exist. [Read more...]

Black Saturday: Satan, Hades, and the Beginnings of Hell


Christians are reinventing Hell today as much as they were two millennia ago. [Read more...]

The earliest picture of Jesus on the cross


A splendid depiction of the crucifixion that you’ve probably never seen. [Read more...]

Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas and Modern Mythology


Every Christmas we’re treated to a slew of articles and blog posts and books about the “real” Santa Claus. We love to try to get behind the modern, secular, commercial mythology and discover the “true” Christian foundation of Jolly Old Saint Nick. [Read more...]

The Methodists, slavery, and homosexuality: is history repeating itself?

To understand and experience the living reality of the Bible, Methodists rely on the “Wesleyan Quadrilateral” of scripture, tradition, experience, and reason. Three of those have already failed as a Biblical basis for condemning homosexuality. [Read more...]

When Jesus and Satan shared a name


What is a villain without a name? [Read more...]