The Quest for the Historical Jesus: Part Two


Part two in a five-part series about the historical person Jesus of Nazareth. [Read more...]

The Quest for the Historical Jesus: Part One


Part one in a five-part series about the historical person Jesus of Nazareth. [Read more...]

There Is No “Judeo-Christian Tradition”


Ohio Governor John Kasich, whose bid for the presidency appears to be running on fumes, announced this week that the U.S. should develop a federal agency to export “Judeo-Christian values.” [Read more...]

Putting Words in Paul’s Mouth: “Women: Shut Up!”


“Women should remain silent in the churches.” Few Christians actually follow Paul’s command. It’s often explained away as a cultural artifact, perhaps addressing a specific situation involving a group of unruly wives in Corinth. But an across-the-board prohibition against women speaking that’s applicable to the modern church? Surely not! [Read more...]

What the Bible Is


The written documents that constitute our Bible are snapshots of an evolving, developing, dynamic faith frozen in time. [Read more...]

It’s Time to Give the Gospel of Thomas Its Due

Gospel of Thomas and A pocryphon of John, Codex II The Nag Hammadi manuscripts

The spiritual wisdom to be found in the Gospel of Thomas just may be the kind of spiritual wisdom contemporary Christians most need. [Read more...]

Jesus, Executed Terrorist


Today is Good Friday, the day on which Christians mark the occasion of Jesus’ crucifixion. The precise day and time varies depending on which Gospel you read, but according to the historical methodologies accepted by scholars of the ancient world, there is perhaps no event that more certainly occurred in antiquity. [Read more...]

The Political Punch Behind Christianity’s Favorite Prayer


I love the Lord’s Prayer. The translation of it now universally recited in the English-speaking world holds a poetic, lilting quality that makes its recitation a cathartic ritual even if one holds sincere doubts about its specific words. But what exactly are those words? Many Christians, if not most, have experienced the embarrassment of rehearsing [Read More...]