God-Breathed: Questioning Inerrancy

Growing up, I was taught that the Bible is the Word of God, and that it is therefore inerrant, infallible, and authoritative. [Read more…]

​An Open Letter to Anyone Who Has Left a Church

To anyone who has left a church, especially those who left a church I’ve attended–I understand now my role in your story. [Read more…]

When Jesus Said “Love Your Enemies,” I Think He Meant “Don’t Kill Them.”

I am sometimes asked, How can you be a Christian and not support the death penalty? The answer I usually give is quite simple: when Jesus said Love your enemies, I think he meant Don’t kill them. [Read more…]

An Underlying Issue with the Letter Signed by Evangelical Leaders

Much of Evangelical Christianity has dehumanized Muslims by treating them as a project rather than neighbors. [Read more…]

How I Lost My Salvation

It started in 2013. I got married in January and a month later, in February, my mother got a DUI. [Read more…]

Post-Evangelical Life

I want to tell the rest of the story–what happened after we left that evangelical church and started going to a mainline one. [Read more…]

How Evangelical Kids Can Get Their Faith Shaken on the First Day of University

Let’s consider the first morning at university for one hypothetical 18 year old raised in a typical evangelical church subculture. His name is David. [Read more…]

Mercy Is Not Enough

Many Christians have never been challenged to consider all the biblical texts dealing with justice. [Read more…]