Sundown Town

Are we living with a modern-day sundown town mindset? Instead of engaging with those different from us, do we build walls and legislate rules to keep others out? [Read more…]

Bible-believing Bisexual?

How can a progressive Christian who is living in a same-sex marriage be bible-believing? [Read more…]

A Bolt of Hatred

We’ve come a long way, but what happened in Orlando and the reaction to it provide harsh reminders of how people hate those who are different from them in some way. [Read more…]

Hell Might Be Empty

Theologian Jurgen Moltmann once said in a discussion: In the final analysis I believe hell will be empty. [Read more…]

Spiritual Terrorism

We don’t like to think there is terrorism in our churches or other Christian circles, but I suspect the reality is rather different than our hopes. [Read more…]

Responding to a Christian tract handed out at an LGBT Pride Parade

I was standing on the street corner in downtown Great Falls, Montana, waiting for the annual Big Sky Pride Parade to begin. [Read more…]

Is it more important to believe the right things or to do the right things?

Right belief and right practice: you might call them the two oars in the rowboat of a healthy Christian disciple. But if you had to choose to prioritize one of those two oars, which one would it be? [Read more…]

Dear Non-LGBT-Affirming Christians, Please Search Your Hearts

Non-LGBT-affirming Christian, can you be absolutely sure that your views are not shaped by a watered-down, far less extreme version of the same prejudice that murdered those forty-nine people? [Read more…]