Innocence and Awareness: Questioning Original Sin

In the churches I grew up in, the story recounted in Genesis 3 was viewed as the moment when sin–Original Sin–entered humanity. [Read more…]

What the Bible Actually Says About Singleness

I recently attended a wedding where the pastor used Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 as his text to describe marriage: [Read more…]

Let’s admit it: When it comes to money, Jesus was a radical and we’re not.   

I am a would-be disciple of Jesus. I say would-be because there are some aspects of Jesus’ life and teachings that are beyond me, that I don’t even pretend to aim toward. Consider Jesus’ teachings on money and possessions in Luke’s Gospel. [Read more…]

What the Old Testament Has to Say about This Election

Is Trump our modern day Saul? [Read more…]

The Sermon of the Trump: Evangelical Catechesis

When the Donald saw the crowds, he went up the podium; and after he sat down, his supporters came to him. Then he began to speak, and taught them, saying: [Read more…]

A Close Encounter of the Ark Kind

When I first heard about the Ark Encounter, I didn’t picture brave Noah building a safe haven for his family and the chosen animals of God. Instead of envisioning cute animals in an ark-like a petting zoo, I thought of desperate women beating down the doors of the ark, begging them to open and save their children’s lives. [Read more…]

An Election Reflection: Why Politics Is Personal

When you grow up in the shadow of Washington, you know this. Politics is personal. [Read more…]

Can a Christian Vote for Donald Trump?

Among the most perplexing features of Donald Trump’s surge to victory has been the enthusiastic support of evangelical Christians for a man who can barely name any books of the Bible. [Read more…]