Faith in the Fog: Making Peace With the Messiness of the Bible

Contrary to well-meaning advice from many a concerned Christian, reading the Bible is not a good cure for skepticism. In my experience, it usually magnifies it. [Read more…]

Every Non-Religious Person Should Be Able to Answer These Questions

We all, Christians and non-Christians alike, should ask ourselves what we believe and why we believe it. [Read more…]

A Trauma-Informed Approach to Sin

To truly help people, we must reorient our precepts of sin to an understanding of the impact trauma has. [Read more…]

Christian: You Are Upset About the Wrong Things

The legalistic, simplistic, and shallow world of fundamentalism breeds some rather odd triggers for what it is we are supposed to get upset about. Here are just a few: [Read more…]

Finding Community in the Image of God

The all-expansive, communal image of God that is bestowed on us requires that we reaffirm those who have received less-than-image-of-God status. [Read more…]

Faith in the Fog: Science, Atheism and the Search for Proof

One of the biggest steps toward learning to deal with my own crippling skepticism has been to convince myself that Christianity is not irrational. [Read more…]

Faith in the Fog: Surviving as a Skeptical Christian

Experiencing serious doubt and skepticism can be tough, scary, and depressing, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re losing your faith. It could be the first step into a deeper, richer, more authentic faith. [Read more…]

The Racist God of America

I remember the first time I realized that the god of the majority of American Christianity was basically racist. [Read more…]