Advent Two: Stumped while Seeking Peace in Zootopia

Reading this text after scrolling through my newsfeed’s local and global headlines of ongoing incidents of distrust, rage, and violence, I wonder: how does this zootopia the ancient book of Isaiah describes work anyway? [Read more…]

The Gift

We think that this will be our last Christmas with Pop and one of our last with Mom… [Read more…]

Advent One: Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning

What if there isn’t enough light? [Read more…]

On Christian Culture Wars: Making Room at the Table

In one of the very last chapters in the very last book of the Christian Bible, Revelation, after pages of confusing imagery and uncertain meanings, after plagues and beasts, after horsemen and scrolls, you find mention of a feast. [Read more…]

Cracked Humanity

We’re sitting in a huge barn, an open kitchen to one side and a coffee service area to the other. [Read more…]

Why Letting Go Is Not Falling Apart

A wise woman tells me she gets this strong sense that I am unable to really let go; like I’m afraid of letting my hair down. [Read more…]

Live the In-Between — It’s the Part of the Story that Matters Most

Once upon a time, long before women had volition or will as to who they married, a search commenced for the perfect wife. [Read more…]

Grace in a Tin Shed

Separation. Divorce. Failure. That’s how it goes, right? At least that’s how it did for me. [Read more…]