God Our Mother


I am becoming increasingly aware of the limitations of language when we talk about God. It has many forms, but usually sounds something like this: “Dear Heavenly Father.” I’ve often used this phrase to talk to and about God. It’s not wrong, per se, but I recognize the limiting and biased nature of it. This is the language that I have inherited through repetition and tradition. But how would others look at me if I prayed, “Dear Heavenly Mother?” [Read more...]

Be Ye Kind One to Another


The media is noisy these days with opinions about controversial issues. People on both sides of these issues advocate for something they call “kindness.” Earlier this month, I was in the presence of death three times in six days. I was also in the presence of extraordinary kindness. This kindness has made me consider: what sort of kindness cultivates Gospel justice and mercy in the midst of contention? [Read more...]

Churchgoer Sees Jesus in a Mocha

Photo © 2015 by Sheila G. Hunter. Used by permission.

“Churchgoer Sees Jesus in a Mocha.” Can’t we picture such a headline in our news feeds? We have seen announcements like it before: “‘Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese’ Sells for $28,000.” The now-famous grilled cheese was reported to have an imprint of the Virgin Mary’s face on it. It had been stored in a baggie in [Read More...]

Being Born Again in Unfundamentalist Fashion


It is unfortunate that the phrase “born again” has come to be associated with a particular kind of Christianity generally known for its belief in biblical inerrancy, its literal interpretation of scripture, its condemnation of our LGBT sisters and brothers, and its entrenchment in right wing politics. [Read more...]

“Go. Be apostles of this peace.”


Sometimes we feel like we are alone … like Horton Hears a Who: We are here! We are Here!! WE ARE HERE!!! [Read more...]

Heaven is not “up there” somewhere


God is when and where we recognize that we all belong, that we are all connected. [Read more...]

Last year’s nest


Yesterday’s ideas can, and should, grow into better tomorrows. [Read more...]

Longing for Grace


If you’d asked what I was doing inside a megachurch that sunny Sunday morning, I wouldn’t have had a clue. I’d left my children with their dad, intending to go home and work, maybe take a walk. But after few minutes alone in the car a familiar ache returned, the one that took over whenever busyness yielded to the backdrop of my impending divorce. [Read more...]