Finding Faith Again

My faith journey has changed dramatically. [Read more…]

Is It Time We Stopped Describing God as Good?

The way we talk about things matters. The words we use affect how we view the world and how others view us. The trouble is that human language is limited and trying to use a finite language to describe the infinite is never going to be easy. [Read more…]

A Blessing for Holy Week Journeys

As I celebrated Palm Sunday with my congregation this year, I wondered: what way do they make, these palms that dance and wave to the sounds of our laughter, joy, and singing? [Read more…]

Jesus, the Cathedral and Me

Sometimes when I think about Jesus he seems so far away–someone in a distant time and place, more spiritual than physical, more transcendent than incarnate. [Read more…]


We are dust; to dust we shall return. In between? God calls us to carry in our bones the light of Gospel justice and hope. [Read more…]

The Greatest of These

I am not a very good Christian any more. I used to think that under it all, I was doing the things right and that counted for something. That it counted for a lot. [Read more…]

Remember: A Lenten Call to Embodied Justice-Making

Three remembrances were stirred up for me this week and will trouble my feet as I travel this year’s Lenten road. [Read more…]

Why Doesn’t God Answer Life’s Big Questions?

So often, especially when we are distressed, we cry out to God, Why is this happening? [Read more…]