Miracles Do Occur

There is an old, old story told of a woman named Tabitha. It doesn’t have the best of beginnings: She dies! [Read more…]

Why I Stopped Reading Self-Help Books

In the most Freudian tradition, it began with my Dad. [Read more…]

We’re Not The First

It’s a rough time to work for the church and her people. [Read more…]

The Spirituality of Bass Fishing

Bass fishing has given me a new enthusiasm for life, and a new enthusiasm to love more inclusively and passionately. [Read more…]

An Open Letter to the Girl Who Failed

You’re the girl with the teacher who said you would never amount to anything. [Read more…]

The Freedom to Think

Great thinkers, across the centuries, have always used inquiry to understand the world. It doesn’t mean that nothing can be believed, but it does mean that skepticism and doubt are human inclinations that lead us toward growth. [Read more…]

Was Jesus’ death necessary for our salvation? (the seventh saying from the cross)

Then Jesus, crying with a loud voice said, “Father, into your hands I commend my spirit” (Luke 23:46). [Read more…]

In Our Bones: Holy Week Reflections

I do not dance with ease on any day. I stumble even more on Palm Sunday. My uncooperative sense of rhythm is only part of the problem. I process with awkward reluctance because my heart and mind are reluctant to grapple yet again with the seven days Christians have marked as Holy Week. [Read more…]