A Christmas Play Gone Awry (or maybe not)


When we turn away from a world in need, from the cries of creation for mending and healing, from our brothers and sisters who are lonely, oppressed, wounded, and lost, we turn away from Christ. [Read more...]

Being and Becoming Children of God


I grew up with a theology that said all children are children of God—that is, until they reach the age of accountability. I was also indoctrinated into a belief in total depravity: that we are all born sinners and inherit a sinful nature. Somehow we had to harmonize these two positions, and the way we [Read More...]

The cycle Christians must help break


Everyone has been hurt. And hurt people hurt people. Our job is to do our best to break that cycle.
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Dr. Albert Mohler versus musician Michael Gungor: Who is on the verge of theological peril?

Mohler, 2

Could the struggle with, against, and for power be behind much of what is today being written and spoken about the Bible? Could THAT struggle turn a reasonable, balanced thinker into a dogmatic fundamentalist? [Read more...]

Stupid Religion


From pastor Steve Schmidt: “Any so-called religion that does not result in a growing relationship with the Living God is a fake. Any religion that does not transform you to treat other people around you in a better, more loving way is garbage.” [Read more...]

Do these jokes make me look fat?


She suffers from a warped body image—and invites you to laugh at that. [Read more...]

Baptist pastor on why the Bible supports LGBT equality


I believe that Christians who condemn LGBTQ persons are not only misinterpreting Scripture and standing on the wrong side of history (like the pro-slavery Christians once were), they are also betraying the very one they call their Lord. [Read more...]

Keeping Jesus, Letting Go of Christian Exceptionalism

christian inclusion, 7

The degree to which Christianity will contribute to a more equitable and just world will depend largely upon the degree to which Christians can let go of their exclusive claims on God and deepen their actual commitment to the way of Jesus. [Read more...]