Preemptive Forgiveness (The first saying from the cross)

Taking of Christ with the Malchus episode,  Gerard Douffet, 1620.

Can the spiral of violence that plagues our planet and fractures relationships, ravaging families, communities, and whole societies, ever be neutralized and overcome? Are we caught in a web from which we cannot tear loose? [Read more...]

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust


The seasons of Lent and Easter in Christian traditions call us to reflect on rhythms of feasting and fasting and feasting in our world, our churches, and our spiritual lives. [Read more...]

Twelfth Night: Reflections on Epiphany 2016

Photo "Bethlehem's Orb" by Sheila Hunter. Used by permission.

Twelfth Night is upon us, the eve of Epiphany when we remember how magi from Persia followed to Jesus’ birthing place an unusual God-flung orb of light that appeared in the heavens. The word “epiphany” means “manifestation” or “a striking appearance.” [Read more...]

Advent Four:  Do You Hear What I Hear?

Photo by Sheila Hunter. Used by permission.

Snow falls. Gently. Lights twinkle in houses festive with welcoming wreathes. Santa and eight tiny reindeer alight on a snow-softened roof. Enchanted. Perfect. — “Bah Humbug!” [Read more...]

Come, Sit at the Table


We cannot stand by and allow someone even to talk about limiting the religious freedoms of others. We cannot and I will not. Religion is a part of freedom and here we are, in the land of the free. We don’t have to claim it as our own, but we have to honor the choice for all to practice the faith of their choice—in their ways–and to sit at their own tables. [Read more...]

Advent Three: Rejoice?

Photo by Sheila Hunter. Used by permission.

I have been thinking in recent days that perhaps this Advent we should forego Rejoice Sunday. The world is too weary with violence and pain. Indeed, what manner of rejoicing even rings true as we strike a match and touch its flame to the joy candle on this year’s wreath? [Read more...]

Advent Two: Longing for Sunlight and Song

Photo © 2013 Sheila Hunter. Used by permission.

The songs and images of the Advent and Christmas season stir in many people a longing for peace and good will. But peace is hard to come by these days. Instead, violent world realities incite fear. [Read more...]

Advent One: Longing


In my church this Sunday, we will begin the Advent season by hearing biblical texts crafted by writers who longed for God’s presence. [Read more...]