Cracked Humanity

We’re sitting in a huge barn, an open kitchen to one side and a coffee service area to the other. [Read more…]

Why Letting Go Is Not Falling Apart

A wise woman tells me she gets this strong sense that I am unable to really let go; like I’m afraid of letting my hair down. [Read more…]

Live the In-Between — It’s the Part of the Story that Matters Most

Once upon a time, long before women had volition or will as to who they married, a search commenced for the perfect wife. [Read more…]

Grace in a Tin Shed

Separation. Divorce. Failure. That’s how it goes, right? At least that’s how it did for me. [Read more…]

Love, Love, Love: The painfully misunderstood, profoundly simple, earth-shattering message of Jesus

If someone was to ask me to sum up the message of Jesus in a few words, I would probably quote the Beatles: All you need is love. [Read more…]

Confessions of a Party Girl

As I stood at the entrance to our favorite night club, I looked across the road at man standing on a wooden box yelling at the crowds of party-goers walking by … [Read more…]

You Have Permission to Walk Out

I’m not proud of this, but here’s the truth: I waste a lot of time gripped by false guilt. [Read more…]

On Saying Goodbye to the Night: Thoughts on Fireworks, Spaceships and Justice-Making

Where were you five years ago on July 4th? [Read more…]