I Am One with the Force; The Force Is with Me — a Star Wars Theology

I couldn’t help but see the parallels in Chirrut Îmwe’s faith and prayer to how our life as Christians ought to be concerning the work of the Spirit in and through us. [Read more…]

Three Things I’ve Learned in 2016

2016 was especially difficult. It was a dense year. Chock full of major world events, too many deaths that came way too soon, and one of the most difficult, ridiculous, and devastating political elections in this country (especially for progressives). [Read more…]

The Hopes and Fears of All the Years: The First Sunday after Christmas

On the First Sunday after Christmas, mere days after the newborn Jesus has snuggled into the hay of the manger, our star-struck hearts and carol-drenched ears are startled to hear in the Gospel lectionary text Matthew’s horrifying story: Herod sent and killed all the children who were two years old and under. [Read more…]

Christmas Day: And the Word Became Flesh

Give us wisdom, Earth-dwelling God, to talk less and birth your Word each day in our flesh and skin, in embodied tidings of hope, joy, peace and love. [Read more…]

A Visit from St. Alban, or A Refugee Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all Christendom
Sat hoping and waiting for Santa to come. [Read more…]

Advent Four:  Lighting the Tiny Lights

Seeing all the violence in Aleppo and other places, I fear that Advent may bleed over into Christmas this year, and I do mean bleed. As we arrive at this Fourth Sunday of Advent, the Sunday when we light the candle of love, I am haunted… [Read more…]

An Advent Poem

truth / the setting-free kind if you know it / you should speak it [Read more…]

Advent Three:  Crocus Blossoms in Desert Places

While searching a closet for Christmas decorations the other day, I pulled out a dusty wooden box, the shipping crate kind that has a lid. [Read more…]