Anti-Fundamentalism: Divisive, Not Exclusionary

When did we decide that division was an intrinsically bad thing and, conversely, that unity was intrinsically good? [Read more…]

Fundamentalism Is about Policing the Borders

Instead of building the borders and boundaries we then police, let’s tear them down, invite people inside the castle, and let God decide who belongs and how best to protect the truth. [Read more…]

The “Alternative Facts” of Fundamentalist Religion

I see a clear parallel between fundamentalist religion and Kellyanne Conway’s defense of an obvious falsehood about the crowd size at the presidential inauguration. [Read more…]

How Becoming More Secular Brought Me Closer to Jesus

Secular. Along with catchphrases like On Fire for God and Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin, it’s one of the most repeated words in Evangelical Christian doctrine. [Read more…]

I’ve Decided to Leave Church

I don’t know how else to tell everyone this, so I’ll just come out and say it: I’ve decided to leave church. [Read more…]

How Purity Culture Challenged My Self-Worth and Fueled My Eating Disorder

If you grew up listening to conservative Evangelical teachings, you know that it’s hard to define exactly when the indoctrination settled in. It’s always been a part of you, and it takes years to distinguish fear-based beliefs from reality. [Read more…]

Fundamentalism and Domestic Violence

My friend made a comparison between our relationship with God and a spousal relationship. He explained that if you love your spouse, then you will want to please him or her, and it’s the same with God. As long as you love God enough to please him, then you should never have to worry about hell. [Read more…]

Why I Left the Mormon Church (And You Probably Would Have, Too)

Like every other ex-Mormon I know, I lost my faith because I learned something about the Mormon church. [Read more…]