Sunday Outing: A Transgender Woman Finds Acceptance

A cisgender woman I befriended at church a few months ago noticed I am unusual, but assumed that I was simply a tall woman. [Read more…]

An Act of Love: Frank Schaefer, United Methodists and Homosexuality

If you keep up with issues relating to homosexuality and Christianity, you probably know about Frank Schaefer, the United Methodist minister who was defrocked in 2013 for performing his son’s same-sex wedding. [Read more…]

When I found myself on the side of Religious Freedom Law supporters

And then, one Thursday morning when I read about yet another “Religious Freedom Law,” I saw myself. [Read more…]

An Open Letter to Christian Business Owners

I don’t usually do open letters (it’s against my policy), but today I feel compelled to make an exception. I’m writing to you because I’m genuinely concerned and confused about your objections to serving LGBT folks. [Read more…]

When I Was New to Homophobia

I was born and grew up in Europe. Now, in April 2016, I have been in this country for nearly seven months. During this time at least two people who identified somewhere on the LGBT spectrum were killed in hate crimes in the United States. [Read more…]

Legislating Bowel Movements: North Carolina and LGBT Discrimination

I cried tears last Wednesday because the legislature of my state, North Carolina, passed a bill which legalizes discrimination against my LGBT friends. [Read more…]

Dear Neighbors

May I please share something intimate and important, something most people do not guess about my medical history? [Read more…]

A Gay Pastor Explains What the Bible Really Says About Homosexuality

Unfundamentalist Christians founder John Shore recently shared a letter from a gay Christian who is struggling with his sexuality and faith. Among the many encouraging comments on that post was one from a gay pastor who beautifully explained his understanding of the Bible, Christianity, and sexuality. [Read more…]