The Visit

Shortly before Mother’s Day, my sister called and granted me a ten minute visit with Mom, who, I learned, had been hospitalized for a month with pneumonia. [Read more…]

You’re in a Safe Place Here…

I had changed, was snuggled under the threadbare hospital blanket on a gurney in a frigid staging room. [Read more…]

Glitter Is Serious Business: The Story Behind Glitter Ash Wednesday

On March 1st, as the Christian world enters the holy season of Lent, LGBT and LGBT affirming clergy will be offering ashes mixed with a bit of purple glitter as a means of welcoming LGBT people who may have felt rejected by the church and as an affirmation of God’s love for all.  [Read more…]

I Was Wrong About Homosexuality

I lived out the greater portion of my life operating under the premise that it was a sin to be gay, but I was wrong. [Read more…]

The Gift

We think that this will be our last Christmas with Pop and one of our last with Mom… [Read more…]

Is every Christian against gay marriage necessarily a bigot?

Bigotry is as bigotry does. [Read more…]

Are Gay People Welcome?

Many Christians, such as my ex-pastor, do amazing work with the oppressed, the downtrodden, and the destitute. But sadly, they also treat homosexual people with contempt, fear, and disgust. [Read more…]

To the hate preacher at Pride

Pastor M. showed up and began telling people they would go straight to hell if they did not repent for their sins. [Read more…]