“Queers in the Kingdom” shares the stories of LGBT students at Wheaton College


Markie Hancock’s new documentary film casts a much needed light on the stories of Wheaton College’s LGBT alumni. [Read more...]

Be Who You Are and Help the Church Be the Church

Beeching, 1

One cannot fault any of our LGBT sisters and brothers for their dislike of Christians and their churches. However, as Paul wrote, there is “a more excellent way.” [Read more...]

Left Behind (for being gay)

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 1.38.38 PM

A woman’s childhood fears return, big time. [Read more...]

When is the Southern Baptist Convention a cult?


Not much that comes out of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) shocks me anymore. As a resident of the south for 15 years, I witnessed the enforced hegemony of the Southern Baptists, and on a number of occasions was … [Read more...]

I lost my editor’s job–but marriage equality won


As the state moves forward on the issue of same-sex marriage, its residents should try to remember the long view of history, and bravely embrace today’s pride over tomorrow’s shame. [Read more...]

Love your neighbor as yourself–unless they’re gay


If Christians were truly following the Golden Rule–we would be at the forefront of the fight for LGBT equality. [Read more...]

World Vision and Children: Love Loses


Must a starving child be told that homosexuality is a sin while they’re being given food? [Read more...]

Top 7 claims for why homosexuality is “unnatural” refuted


Debunking the 7 most common myths about homosexuality being “unnatural.” [Read more...]