The real tragedy of Ferguson isn’t on TV


The ongoing unrest in Ferguson, Missouri is a sobering reminder of the state of racial relations in the United States, and of the out-of-control militarization of our police force. But I fear that the real tragedy of Ferguson is that it’s destined to become nothing more than a momentary blip on the radar of history, one that, despite the historically agonizing cries of “Hands up! Don’t shoot!” will result in no meaningful change. [Read more...]

The Waco tragedy and the cult of Christian evangelicalism


In the negotiations between evangelicals and the rest of American Christianity, what might be learned from the Waco tragedy? [Read more...]

The best Christian book of the year


To read the words of these women who are living out their calling in the face of enormous challenges is simultaneously heart-wrenching and exhilarating. Here is the very Spirit of God moving in the Church, seemingly against all odds. Here are streams running uphill that we simply can’t ignore. [Read more...]

A queer feminist Muslim you should meet


The below originally appeared on Aaminah Khan‘s terrific blog, Days Like Crazy Paving, where it was illustrated with the picture above and titled Muslim, queer, feminist: it’s as complicated as it sounds. I wanted to share it here (which I do with Aaminah’s permission) because I think it so perfectly illustrates the truth that we are all sailing in [Read More...]

All we rogues together


It’s a beautiful thing when all we rogues, with our heads bowed low, together connect with something bigger, even, than us. [Read more...]

Thanks, Christians, for making me live a lie


I am a liar. I have no choice but to be. And for that I have mostly to thank religion—especially, of course, Christianity, which has always been eager to propagate the REAL lie … [Read more...]

The State Marriage Defense Act. Really, Ted and Mike?


History has a funny way of repeating itself in terribly unfunny ways. It’s difficult to imagine how it is so easy for so many to hunker down on the wrong side of it. [Read more...]

Don’t Cry for Me Argentina Pants


Taking out the old and bringing in the new. [Read more...]