Mos Def gets force-fed for Guantanamo

Actor and musician Yasiin Bey, aka Mos Def, recently released a video in which he undergoes the force-feeding procedure that hunger-striking prisoners at Guantanamo Bay are being subjected to. You can read a first-hand account here, or watch the video yourself: [Read more…]

Al Mohler Does It Again

If Jesus taught that what comes out of a man defiles him, surely the blatant inaccuracies and lies peddled by many of his most ardent followers must concern him at least a little, especially when they are done in connection with the Bible. But such was the case yet again recently when Albert Mohler, president [Read More…]

“Is hell real?” What are we, six-year-olds?

Using the Bible to prove hell is real is like using a telescope to row a canoe. [Read more…]

The brain-washing, fear-inducing world of the fundamentalism I knew

Sometimes people ask me why I became an Unfundamentalist Christian. Well, the main reason is that I know what REAL fundamentalism is like. [Read more…]

Unfundamentalist Christians: That’s we in the corner

Hi! We’re the Unfundamentalist Christians! Nice to meet you! Thanks for having us, Patheos! We’ll totally try not to break anything. [Read more…]

The Jesus Clown Car

The other day, I got run over by the Jesus Clown Car. [Read more…]

A spontaneous prayer about the DOMA ruling

As you’re probably by now aware, today the Supreme Court declared a 1996 law denying federal benefits to legally married same-sex couples (the shamefully named Defense of Marriage Act) unconstitutional. When huge things happen in my life—things I know I can no sooner consciously process than I can fly a space shuttle—I turn to God. In [Read More…]

I Do Not Permit A Woman

In 1 Timothy 2:12, Paul says “I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man; she must be quiet.” [Read more…]