A Trauma-Informed Approach to Sin

To truly help people, we must reorient our precepts of sin to an understanding of the impact trauma has. [Read more…]

Anti-Fundamentalism: Divisive, Not Exclusionary

When did we decide that division was an intrinsically bad thing and, conversely, that unity was intrinsically good? [Read more…]

I Miss You Too, But…

I miss my former church. I do. And I don’t think I was prepared for that feeling because of the certainty I had in my decision to leave. [Read more…]

How I Lost My Salvation

It started in 2013. I got married in January and a month later, in February, my mother got a DUI. [Read more…]

I Was Wrong About Homosexuality

I lived out the greater portion of my life operating under the premise that it was a sin to be gay, but I was wrong. [Read more…]

I’ve Decided to Leave Church

I don’t know how else to tell everyone this, so I’ll just come out and say it: I’ve decided to leave church. [Read more…]

Fundamentalism and Domestic Violence

My friend made a comparison between our relationship with God and a spousal relationship. He explained that if you love your spouse, then you will want to please him or her, and it’s the same with God. As long as you love God enough to please him, then you should never have to worry about hell. [Read more…]