Here’s Why Progressive Christianity Just Doesn’t Work

I’m anticipating a lot of people will read the title of this article without clicking on it and think to themselves: What are you talking about? I’m a Progressive Christian–that’s why I follow this page! [Read more…]

Deceived by God’s Word

There is a lot of fear in various Christian circles today that people are being deceived by false gospels that are not grounded in God’s word. It is a very heartfelt sentiment, one that is genuinely concerned for the fate of fellow believers and non-believers alike. [Read more…]

God-Breathed: Questioning Inerrancy

Growing up, I was taught that the Bible is the Word of God, and that it is therefore inerrant, infallible, and authoritative. [Read more…]

No, the Bible Isn’t God’s Personal Letter to You

The message above recently appeared on the sign outside of a church in my neighborhood. [Read more…]

Why the Bible Doesn’t ‘Clearly Say’ Anything

If you are saying those words in English, living in present-day America, then you are uttering either an obfuscation or an outright lie. Because the Bible doesn’t clearly say much of anything. [Read more…]

How Can You Call Yourselves Christian When You Don’t Believe in the Bible?

A reader asks how we can call ourselves Christians when we don’t believe in the Bible … [Read more…]

Christians need to be honest about biblical contradictions (especially in the Bible’s different portrayals of God)

Christian leaders and churches need to admit that we have done a poor job in teaching parishioners how to read biblical texts critically. [Read more…]

What the H*!! Does “Biblical” Mean?

What does biblical mean to conservative Christians? [Read more…]