I Miss You Too, But…

I miss my former church. I do. And I don’t think I was prepared for that feeling because of the certainty I had in my decision to leave. [Read more…]

Universalism vs. Power

What better to cement the Church’s power and authority than the enshrinement and propagation of the doctrine of limited atonement, together with the assurance that the Church holds the keys to eternal salvation? [Read more…]

Dear American Conservative Church

Dear American Conservative Church, I know I can be pretty hard on you and you deserve an explanation. [Read more…]

The Greatest of These

I am not a very good Christian any more. I used to think that under it all, I was doing the things right and that counted for something. That it counted for a lot. [Read more…]

​An Open Letter to Anyone Who Has Left a Church

To anyone who has left a church, especially those who left a church I’ve attended–I understand now my role in your story. [Read more…]

Post-Evangelical Life

I want to tell the rest of the story–what happened after we left that evangelical church and started going to a mainline one. [Read more…]

How to Find an Unfundamentalist Church

The question we’re asked most frequently is How can I find an Unfundamentalist Church?
[Read more…]

It’s Hard to Go to Church in Trump’s America

It’s hard for me to go to church these days. [Read more…]