Faith in the Fog: Science, Atheism and the Search for Proof

One of the biggest steps toward learning to deal with my own crippling skepticism has been to convince myself that Christianity is not irrational. [Read more…]

Faith in the Fog: Surviving as a Skeptical Christian

Experiencing serious doubt and skepticism can be tough, scary, and depressing, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re losing your faith. It could be the first step into a deeper, richer, more authentic faith. [Read more…]

Confessions of a Doubting Christian

Some days I find it really hard to believe in God. [Read more…]

Love, Love, Love: The painfully misunderstood, profoundly simple, earth-shattering message of Jesus

If someone was to ask me to sum up the message of Jesus in a few words, I would probably quote the Beatles: All you need is love. [Read more…]

Dear Non-LGBT-Affirming Christians, Please Search Your Hearts

Non-LGBT-affirming Christian, can you be absolutely sure that your views are not shaped by a watered-down, far less extreme version of the same prejudice that murdered those forty-nine people? [Read more…]