It’s Okay to Love Your Religion without Forcing People to Convert

Why does the idea of simply trying to follow Jesus, loving others, and NOT trying to convert people upset so many Christians? I posed this question on social media and naturally it rubbed quite a few people the wrong way. [Read more…]

People, Not Projects: Re-Thinking Evangelism

We need to re-think evangelism–what it means and should look like. [Read more…]

Responding to a Christian tract handed out at an LGBT Pride Parade

I was standing on the street corner in downtown Great Falls, Montana, waiting for the annual Big Sky Pride Parade to begin. [Read more…]

A Better Way To Evangelize

The invitation of the gospel is not: Realize you are a wretched sinner who deserves to die. The invitation of the gospel is: Realize you are a beloved child of God called to reflect God’s image. [Read more…]

When Bad Christians Happen to Good People

How a Christian, in trying to fulfill the Great Commission, violated the Great Commandment. Right in front of my car. [Read more…]