A Close Encounter of the Ark Kind

When I first heard about the Ark Encounter, I didn’t picture brave Noah building a safe haven for his family and the chosen animals of God. Instead of envisioning cute animals in an ark-like a petting zoo, I thought of desperate women beating down the doors of the ark, begging them to open and save their children’s lives. [Read more…]

Samurai Ken Ham and the Biblical Watermelon

If Ken Ham’s interpretation of science rests on the foundation of an infallible Bible, what is the infallible foundation of his Biblical interpretation? [Read more…]

The Embarrassing Speculations of Ken Ham

This guest post is by UC supporter Pete Lefevre. Out of a morbid sense of curiosity, I watched the Bill Nye/Ken Ham debate this past week. For me, the origins of our earth and our species have been amply explained through scientific inquiry and those who argue for a 6,000-year-old earth — who treat Genesis [Read More…]

Did the Ham/Nye debate really happen?

While there’s plenty to discuss about what was (or wasn’t) said during the Ham/Nye debate, I think the crux of the whole affair comes down to how one understands science. The foundation of Mr. Ham’s argument is his distinction between what he calls historical and observational science: There’s experimental or observational science as we call [Read More…]

The Ham/Nye debate in 40 seconds

Didn’t get to watch last night’s two-and-half-hour debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye? Don’t worry. Watch this and you’ve pretty much seen it all: [Read more…]

Young Earth Creationists make their point

Here, speaking for themselves via their reaction to our previous blog post, are some of the Young Earth Creationists who seek to dictate public school curriculum. [Read more…]

Creationist Ken Ham versus the Truth

Announcing his upcoming debate with Bill Nye, the Science Guy, Young Earth Creationist Ken Ham said: [Read more…]