How Evangelical Kids Can Get Their Faith Shaken on the First Day of University

Let’s consider the first morning at university for one hypothetical 18 year old raised in a typical evangelical church subculture. His name is David. [Read more…]

An Atheist and a Christian Walk into a Bar…

Randal Rauser’s and Justin Schieber’s new book, An Atheist and a Christian Walk into a Bar, is a welcome entry into the field of Christian/Atheist dialog. [Read more…]

Is it more important to believe the right things or to do the right things?

Right belief and right practice: you might call them the two oars in the rowboat of a healthy Christian disciple. But if you had to choose to prioritize one of those two oars, which one would it be? [Read more…]

For God So Loved the Whole World: Confessions of a green, liberal, Christian tree hugger 

“That sounds like the ‘Green’ movement!” one of them said accusingly, as if “Green” were a four letter word. [Read more…]

Dear Christian, the world isn’t getting worse. In fact, it’s probably getting better.

I continue to be dismayed at how many Christians blithely assume things are getting worse. [Read more…]

What’s splitting your church? Worship music or genocide?

A tale of two churches. [Read more…]

Homosexuality and the Bible: Beyond the Dichotomy between Biblical Prophets and Cultural Compromisers

The topic of homosexuality has assumed for many conservatives (“the prophets”) the status of a sort of litmus test that distinguishes those who accept “what the Bible teaches” over-against those “compromisers” who allow their opinions to be shaped by the contemporary culture. [Read more…]

How the Traditional Doctrine of Hell Undermines Christian Character

The doctrine of eternal conscious torment presents a real problem for the Christian who is serious about developing a Christlike attitude. The problem, in short, is that acceptance of the doctrine of eternal conscious torment encourages attitudes which are, as Parry put it, “vicious.” [Read more…]