If Life Starts At Conception…

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Paul Ryan & Women

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"Pro-lifers" and medical termination of pregnacy.

Or "abortion" as it's commonly known. Today I had a rather ugly argument on a Facebook group for UK based liberals, with a woman who claims to be a liberal, but... Well... Isn't.The theme of the discussion was Nadine Dorries' proposed amendments to the Health and Social Care Bill which cover the issue of abortions. The tl;dr version is that Dorries was trying to strip not-for-profit charities who carry out terminations of the right to counsel pregnant women because they might try to improve … [Read more...]

Predicting Religion

Charlie Stross wrote a piece explaining his skepticism about some of the more radical predictions from the futurists: Three arguments against the singularity. His short version, "Santa Claus doesn't exist." The long version is worth reading, but he references some other works that are also worth reading, so go in with some time to kill.One of the ideas that Stross considers is "mind uploading." Our minds are systems of information stored in the chemicals and electrical movements of our … [Read more...]

George Carlin…

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