All Cycles Come to an End

It's been a smidge over five years since I first posted at Unreasonable Faith. It starked as a lark. I'm not sure how it stretched on for half a decade.In those five years I completed a masters degree and generally scrounged for work in the public history field. I've worked as a contractor for several museums now, and just recently I've found myself serving multiple institutions at once. I'm sure the drain on me has been observed in my writings.All that is starting to pay off for my … [Read more...]

Daniel Fincke is Dual Blogging

A question: in this age of vanishing resources, increasing global temperature and the supposed death of the blog, is it ethical for Daniel Fincke to start up a second blog to discuss ethics?It's nice to see Daniel spread out a bit, particularity since he's cut himself adrift from the "secure" world of adjunct teaching and focusing on online employment. Still, it seems like he's using up valuable blog resources that could be otherwise used for more cat blogs, or maybe a Downton Abbey … [Read more...]

An Exercise in Reading Comprehension

Daniel Fincke started the conversation about the Ohio Holocaust Memorial with a very clear, sensible post. Naturally, someone got it completely wrong.The culprit is Real Clear Religion, who linked to Daniel's post under this headline:Whoa! No, uh-uh, stop the presses. No one on either side of the debate has suggested that the Shoah did not occur, nor is anyone suggesting that the basic definition of the Holocaust is in error - around 6 million Jews killed in an intentional and … [Read more...]

Foundation Beyond Belief in Oklahoma

The Foundation Beyond Belief is collecting monetary donations to provide disaster relief for victims of the devastating tornado in Oklahoma. Do your part and FBB will act as a clearinghouse distributing the money to charities. Go to the donation page to see updates on the crisis response.In situations like this, the American Red Cross is always a good charity as well. They also maintain a Safe and Well Listing for those with family in the region.For those of you outside the US, or … [Read more...]

Carnival with the Camel

If you haven't seen it, Daniel Fincke over at Camels with Hammers is hosting the first ever Patheos Atheist Blog Carnival, with a round up of the best in the months blogging from the Atheist portal at Patheos. It's a chance to find out what the atheist bloggers that you don't ordinarily read are up to.Go give it a look see and let him know what you think. If this goes over well it will hopefully be a regular occurrence. … [Read more...]