This is a British Conservative Prime Minister…

[youtube=]Find me a liberal American President who'd do and say that. Slow train comin'? … [Read more...]

Tim Minchin on religion

Before I vanish for a week I thought I'd leave you all the gift of laughter. Normally I'd have posted a Tim Minchin song for this purpose, but instead I decided I'd post some of his stand-up on religion. With a short song at the end. Enjoy![youtube=] … [Read more...]

Rock Beyond Belief is back!

Thanks to Yoav for commenting in the Shiny Happy Thread over on the UF Forum to let us know that Rock Beyond Belief has been rescheduled for 31 March 2012.After the massive struggle that Justin Griffith has had to get equal treatment for this event following the evangelical Christian debacle that was Rock the Fort, this is great news.But folks, let's be clear: This has been allowed only after the threat of legal action that For Bragg would certainly have lost. This is not Colonel Sicinski … [Read more...]

What Grinds His Gears…

Shamelessly lifted from a post by Nzo in another thread, I thought this deserved a thread all of its own![youtube=]NOT SAFE FOR WORK! CONTAINS FOUL LANGUAGE AND BUTTOCKS! LOTS OF BUTTOCKS! … [Read more...]

Evolution for ID-iots

Courtesy of the inimitable yet mono-toned Thunderf00t, author of many an entertaining verbal beat-down of creationism, a simple explanation of why the micro-evolution versus macro-evolution argument is just silly. Plus it's scored to the theme from Black Beauty, which is always a nice musical bonus :-)[youtube=] … [Read more...]