Atheists in the Evangelical Mind

The AV Club reviews the new movie God is Not Dead in which atheistic villain Professor Jeffrey Radisson (Kevin Sorbo) butts heads with a yound evangelical student named Josh Wheaton (Shane Harper):Josh, and the film that takes his viewpoint, doesn't dare actually engage with Radisson's arguments; any legitimate critiques of Christianity are ignored in favor of suggesting that all atheists are just haters who need someone to ask them to point out on the doll where organized religion touched … [Read more...]

Atheists at CPAC

Although the American Atheist booth at the Conservative Political Action Conference has been canceled, David Silverman has still been there working the room:"I came with the message that Christianity and conservatism are not inextricably linked,” he told me, “and that social conservatives are holding down the real conservatives — social conservatism isn’t real conservatism, it’s actually big government, it’s theocracy. I’m talking about gay rights, right to die, abortion rights –”Hold on, … [Read more...]

Ya Think?

For the record, I assumed that folks in the comments of ToJo's post would handle this kind of criticism, so I tried to make other points in the post below. … [Read more...]

Everybody’s a Christian

I'm sure a lot of other people are picking over the piece by Tony Jones, Why Are You Still a Christian?. The "no atheists in foxholes" line and the argumentum ad populum that the piece rests on are enough to make make most of us start biting our keyboards.But I wanted to focus in on the final paragraph, both because I think it can lead to a useful point and because it displays the kind of tact and sensitivity that has made Jones so popular at sites like Stuff Christian Culture Likes:At … [Read more...]

Trying On Atheism

By now you've probably seen mention of Ryan Bell, the Seventh-day Adventist pastor who's planning to live a year without prayer or church but with atheist literature and conversations with atheists. As he puts it, he's "trying on" atheism.Bell is trying to tackle the question, "What difference does God make?" It's kind of interesting that he doesn't look at the world around him to find the answer, nor is he looking at human society. He's going to change his own behavior and see how it … [Read more...]