Shameless plug!

I'd have put this in the forum if it was up (or more likely Ty would), but in its absence I'm posting it here. For those who don't know, regular contributor Ty is on the fast-track to literary super-stardom after the launch of his co-authored book, Leviathan Wakes. Ty is one half of a gestalt entity known as James SA Corey, and seems to be taking the sci-fi / fantasy world by storm right now. I pre-ordered Leviathan Wakes and have since read it twice. What can I say? Very little new Sci-Fi … [Read more...]

Loftus' "The End of Christianity"

The End of Christianity by John Loftus (not to be confused with William Dembski's The End of Christianity) is a collection of counter-apologetic essays which follows his previous collection, The Christian Delusion and his autobiography Why I Became an Atheist.Return of the AtheistsLoftus considers these three works to be connected, and he opens this latest installment with the statement, "I honestly think that with this book (and certainly the series) Christianity has been debunked."No one … [Read more...]

American Renegades

From A Renegade History of the United States by Thaddeus Russell, who was recently interviewed by what the Founding Fathers called corruption, depravity, venality, and vice, many of us would call freedom. During the War of Independence, deference to authority was shattered, a new urban culture offered previously forbidden pleasures, and sexuality was loosened from its Puritan restraints. Nonmarital sex, including adultery and relations between whites and blacks, was rampant … [Read more...]

God's Lunatics

by Lorette C. LuzajicThose of you who enjoy reading my Pillars of Faith column may like Michael Largo’s book, God’s Lunatics, even more (Harper Collins, 2010). My columns offer a brief sketch of revered Christian leaders- the unflattering stuff they’d rather you ignore while offering unwavering obedience. Largo’s compendium doesn’t seek to skewer authority-abusing Christians so much as to reveal how very many religious are truly nuts. Far from being a rare aberration of faith, the nut may be th … [Read more...]

UFOs, Ghosts and a Rising God

by VorJackAtheism and skepticism are siblings. They've been close at least since Paul Kurtz founded both CSICOP and the Council for Secular Humanism. But like all siblings they don't always get along, and they frequently to go off in their own direction. But every now and then there's a reunion, such as when Joe Nickell debunks another religious relic.The latest attempt to bring them back together is Chris Hallquist's book UFOs, Ghosts and a Rising God. By relating modern stories of the … [Read more...]