Awkward Moments Children’s Bible

Looking for that perfect gift for the kids on your list?Well, you're better off not buying them a copy of the Awkward Moments (Not found in your average) Children's Bible. Despite its colorful images and faithfully translated Bible stories, it's clearly not for children. Unless your child likes images of dying unicorns:And prepare to answer some interesting questions if you show them the story of Moses and God's glory hole:(via American Jesus) … [Read more...]

Mefferd Backs Down on Driscoll’s Plagarism

The radio host Janet Mefferd, who confronted Mark Driscoll on the accusation that he has repeatedly committed plagiarism, has backed down. As you can see from the dead links in my initial post, Mefferd has taken down the selections of Driscoll's books juxtaposed with the works he allegedly plagiarized.According to Warren Throckmorton:She also removed all of the visual evidence of plagiarism and apologized to her audience for her conduct during the interview. Saying she should have gone … [Read more...]

Sarah Palin Saves Christmas

Candida Moss, author of The Myth of Persecution, is reviewing a book that, shall we say, aims for a slightly different demographic than her own: Sarah Palin's Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas. The results are predictable:Palin doesn’t seek the original Christmas (a fourth-century invention), the traditional American Christmas (they didn’t celebrate it), or consumerism-free Christmas (you Communist!). The festival Palin wants to retrieve is the Christmas of her y … [Read more...]

The Grand (Dirty) Old Men of Science Fiction

From PZ Myers, I found this painfully accurate review of Piers Anthony’s Spell for Chameleon. The author of the review, Jason Heller, is in the same position I was in a few years back: rereading some of the fiction he remembers fondly from his youth … and wondering just how much crack he had to be smoking to make this pile of misogyny seem appealing.The examples of Bink’s misogyny are so numerous and so innocuously presented throughout Spell, it’s hard not to conflate them with Anthony’s own … [Read more...]

Rush Rides Again

I just ... I can't deal with this ...Yes, it's a children's book about "exceptional Americans" in history written by Rush Limbaugh. I just have this nasty feeling I'm going to be correcting myths spread by this book for the rest of my career. … [Read more...]