The Dome Overhead

Hector Avalos, the biblical scholar calling for an end to biblical studies, occasionally posts over at Debunking Christianity. His latest two posts expand on a debate he had with pastor and apologist Rev. Juan Valdes. The debate was over the scientific accuracy of Genesis 1-3, and now both men are answering questions and drawing out arguments.Avalos' major point is that apologists do not understand the texts they're dealing with, nor the way that scholars interpret them:Briefly, the … [Read more...]

Hitler Can’t Help You

One of the standard moves in the apologetic argument from morality is the invocation of Hitler. If there is no objective moral standard, then how do we say that the Holocaust was wrong? Don't we all feel instinctively that the Shoah was evil? Doesn't that point to an moral standard outside of our own moral reasoning?As NonStampCollector points out, most apologists end up refuting their own argument in an interesting way: Bob Cargill) … [Read more...]

Front Loading with Lee Strobel, part 3

Once again we are joined by Geds the Accidental Historian. When last we left our intrepid hero he was tackling to story of the Roman Census. Now he turns to the question of the fulfillment of prophecy.If you pay close attention to apologists you can usually hear when they give the game away. For instance, Lee Strobel makes a subtle mistake when moves from trying to convince everyone that he’s proven the historical truth of Jesus to proving that Jesus has to be the Messiah. He believes, as d … [Read more...]

James Croft reviews “The Experience of God”

Our neighbor James Croft at Temple of the Future is doing us all a great service. He's doing a chapter-by-chapter review of David Bentley Hart’s The Experience of God: Being, Consciousness, Bliss.Hart is entering the atheist-Christian debate in a very Liberal Christian way. Judging from other reviews, it seems like Hart is attempting to argue that non-theism - a belief in a non-personal God - is the real form of religion that atheists should be grappling with.I think of this as capital … [Read more...]

Front Loading with Lee Strobel, part the second

Once again, we bring you Geds the Accidental Historian, as he tackles the problems with Lee Strobel's "The Case for Christ".In my last post on the subject of front-loaded arguments I hope I got the basic point across that it’s important to look at the methodologies and the scope of the arguments made rather than the arguments themselves. Sometimes, as with an esoteric argument about the reliability of the Gnostic interpretation of Jesus, that’s the only way to counter the argument. Som … [Read more...]