Mad, Bad, God … or None of the Above

Bob Seidensticker and Leah Libresco have been discussing C.S. Lewis's 'trilemma,' AKA the "Mad, Bad or God" or "Liar, Lunatic or Lord" problem. Bob goes with the most obvious response from an atheist: the stories of Jesus claiming divinity are fictitious. Leah skirts around that:Lewis’s Trilemma is a very narrowly targeted apologetic argument, and it’s often truncated when quoted, so it’s easy to make Bob’s mistake. Lewis is framing his argument for an interlocutor that concedes that Jesus … [Read more...]

Bad Catholic’s “Mere Christianity”

The editors at Patheos picked up a post by Bad Catholic and placed it on the main page under the title, "Answer This, Atheists!" I think they've misunderstood something, because BC's post isn't a question or a challenge. It's an attempt to explain the Christian answer to human suffering - which I guess you could call the core OS of the religion - in a way that's approachable by non-theists. That makes it a version of C.S. Lewis' "mere Christianity."BC's own title is An Attempt to Explain … [Read more...]

Kraft Dinner Atheist Checkmate

Source: Memebase … [Read more...]

Where We Finally Got The Bible Right

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Courses for Christians Critiqued: “Going Deeper” Part 1 – Ironically Shallow

I've been considering for some time writing a series about some of the courses that various denominations and churches offer their congregations, putatively to help them to understand their faith better. I was intending to start with the Alpha Course, but a Christian friend on facebook posted about attending a course named "Going Deeper". A quick Google search later, I was duly wincing my way through tortured logic and faulty argumentation designed to help soothe unfortunate bouts of cognitive … [Read more...]