The Dome Overhead

Hector Avalos, the biblical scholar calling for an end to biblical studies, occasionally posts over at Debunking Christianity. His latest two posts expand on a debate he had with pastor and apologist Rev. Juan Valdes. The debate was over the scientific accuracy of Genesis 1-3, and now both men are answering questions and drawing out arguments.Avalos' major point is that apologists do not understand the texts they're dealing with, nor the way that scholars interpret them:Briefly, the … [Read more...]

Do You Know Noah?

I'm kind of curious about the movie version of Noah that's coming out in March. This is the one directed by Darren Aronofsky, known for Black Swan.I'm curious to see what he does with it. The Biblical version is so very spare. Even the Mesopotamian version in Gilgamesh is more poetic. It's going to take a lot of work to flesh it out.But according to the Hollywood Reporter, Aronofsky has a lot of potential problems, both with the new material and the old:The screenings revealed a … [Read more...]

Clarity and Contradiction in the Bible

Hemant asks, "What's the Most Difficult Biblical Contradiction for Christian Apologists to Reconcile?"On one hand, none of them are really all that difficult. There are a number of escape hatches that even a fundamentalist can use. All contradictions are really just "apparent contradictions," which require the apologist to spin the meaning of the original text. Sometimes they can argue that both sides are correct, such as when they say that Judas hung himself over a field.If all else … [Read more...]

We shouldn’t always listen to Progressives either

Here's the other side of yesterday's coin. Roger Wolsey of the Patheos blog The Holy Kiss has produced a list of 16 principles by which progressive Christians interpret the Bible. The problem is that he begins with the following statement:Atheists and fundamentalists each tend to read the Bible in the same wooden, overly literalistic manner. The difference is that atheists reject what they read in that manner, while fundamentalists believe it.I wish Progressives would show a little … [Read more...]

Selective Reading Round-Up

A few interesting conversations around the web about Biblical literalism and selective reading.First off, our friend and neighbor James McGrath wants us to know that Geocentrism is Better than Young-Earth Creationism. James points out that the existence of geocentrism is a major problem for creationists for the following reasons:1) You cannot appeal to the idea of being part of the minority that is daring to go against the flow if all you deny is evolution or the age of the Earth. The … [Read more...]