The Dome Overhead

Hector Avalos, the biblical scholar calling for an end to biblical studies, occasionally posts over at Debunking Christianity. His latest two posts expand on a debate he had with pastor and apologist Rev. Juan Valdes. The debate was over the scientific accuracy of Genesis 1-3, and now both men are answering questions and drawing out arguments.Avalos' major point is that apologists do not understand the texts they're dealing with, nor the way that scholars interpret them:Briefly, the … [Read more...]

When do Historical Inaccuracies Matter?

Russell Crowe film ‘Noah’ edited to appease Christians upset by ‘historical inaccuracies’""historical inaccuracies" ... *eyetwitch*Writing on his blog last year, Answers In Genesis president Ken Ham noted that the film’s script “is not at all faithful to the biblical account in Genesis.” Ham believes the trailer for the film is “a Hollywood con” designed to lure unsuspecting Jews and Christians to witness “an unbiblical production.”He lists the many ways in which the film does not acc … [Read more...]

Atheists at CPAC

Although the American Atheist booth at the Conservative Political Action Conference has been canceled, David Silverman has still been there working the room:"I came with the message that Christianity and conservatism are not inextricably linked,” he told me, “and that social conservatives are holding down the real conservatives — social conservatism isn’t real conservatism, it’s actually big government, it’s theocracy. I’m talking about gay rights, right to die, abortion rights –”Hold on, … [Read more...]

Atomism is Just a Theory

The tumblr blog WTF Textbooks turns a critical eye on the textbooks written for Christian homeschoolers, and pulls out whatever howlers can be found. Here's one of the latest:(Dawn L. Watkins, Science 5 for Christian Schools 2nd Edition (Greenville: Bob Jones University Press, 1994), p 98)I think this is the natural result of the "historical vs. observational science." Since we can't see directly observe atoms, then anything we say about them is not observational science, and thus … [Read more...]

Hitler Can’t Help You

One of the standard moves in the apologetic argument from morality is the invocation of Hitler. If there is no objective moral standard, then how do we say that the Holocaust was wrong? Don't we all feel instinctively that the Shoah was evil? Doesn't that point to an moral standard outside of our own moral reasoning?As NonStampCollector points out, most apologists end up refuting their own argument in an interesting way: Bob Cargill) … [Read more...]