Ladies and Gentlemen, Jack Schaap Schaap, truly a Fundy's Fundy, demonstrating how to polish a rod, while men in identical suits sit behind him trying not to stare at the perverse lunatic.To the surprise of no one except those at First Baptist Church of Hammond, Jack Schaap is in trouble for sexual abuse. According to the Chicago Tribune, the FBI is investigating Schaap for a sexual relationship with an underaged girl. This has led to his ouster … [Read more...]

Futurama: Is there anything we can do to help my friend?

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10 Things I Wish The Church Knew About Homosexuality

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Why Churches Don’t Have Free WiFi

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Jim West and the Monday Miracle

Dammit, I think Jim's got us cornered on this one, The Miracle of Monday: Or, Proof of the Existence of God.You see, beloved reader (and the several of you only loved by your mother, if even by them), every single Sunday there are reams and loads and bucketfull’s of Christian people who are laid up on the bed of infirmity. They aren’t able to utter any more than these three words, and them only through strained and strangled terminally ill voices: “I’m not going.” Of course where they aren’ … [Read more...]