How Much Meaning Do You Need?

I liked this recent Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal:Click through to read the whole thing.I remember a conversation about HP Lovecraft's brand of horror, and how much of the horror revolved around how small and insignificant humanity seemed compared to the gods of Lovecraft's universe.Someone replied, how important do we really need to be? Do we really need to have a role in the grand narrative of the universe to feel meaningful? Do we have to be at the center of God's … [Read more...]

Open Minded

It's always other people who need to be open-minded.(source) … [Read more...]

Science vs. History

This is a particularly long one, so go to the SMBC site to read the rest.While I like this, I think that for balance Zach should show the science professor getting a lecture on how mitosis is a Freemason plot, or maybe getting cornered by a pair of students who have just read Zinn's People's History ... and want to tell him how evolution REALLY works. … [Read more...]

Let’s Begin This Meeting With a Prayer

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The End Is Near

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