Getting to Know Whooping Cough Up Close

Journalist Julia Ioffe is having a close encounter with Bordetella pertussis, the bacterium that causes whooping cough. It doesn't sound like she's enjoying the experience:At this writing, I have been coughing for 72 days. Not on and off coughing, but continuously, every day and every night, for two and a half months. And not just coughing, but whooping: doubled over, body clenched, sucking violently for air, my face reddening and my eyes watering. Sometimes, I cough so hard, I vomit. Other … [Read more...]

Exoneration for Satanic Panic Victims?

Via Doubtful News, I find that there is a development in one of the last of the "satanic panic" cases. In 1997, Elizabeth Ramirez and three of her friends were charged with sexually assaulting Ramirez's two young nieces. All four women were convicted, and Ramirez received a sentence of 37 ½ years as the supposed ringleader.It appears that the conviction hung largely on the testimony of the two girls. Now one of those girls has stepped forward to say that they were lying. By convention, … [Read more...]

REAL Leprechaun Sighting in Mobile, Alabama!

Today is the day we remember when the world-wide skeptical community had their skeptical worldview decimated by the 100% REAL LEPRECHAUN SIGHTING in Mobile, Alabama.It was seen by hundreds of people — even more than saw the resurrected Jesus! If you don't believe, just watch this video. Why would people lie? can you argue with a magical flute? Checkmate, aleprechaunists.Today, the news report was "songified" by The Gregory Brothers. W … [Read more...]

Agenda – What is this? I don’t even…

So, I made the terrible mistake of following a friend's link on facebook to this little gem:At first I thought it was an elaborate joke, but it didn't take long to discover that it's actually a still from a new Tea Party sponsored documentary (I use the term loosely) which basically seeks to establish that Krischun 'Muuurkha = Good, and Left Wing Soshalism = EBUL.Strap in folks, it's about to get crazy:[youtube=]And now it's going to … [Read more...]

Dinosaurs Never Existed!!!, this is satire :) … [Read more...]