A little Bank Holiday entertainment.

So, Kelly posted a link on another thread to a "story" on USA today that's got something of the "War on Christmas" feel to it, only for Easter. I had some time to kill (hey, it's Good Friday, I'm taking a day off here) so I thought I'd burn a few of the straw-men. Think of it as educating the challenged. And boy is this guy challenged."How Easter and Christianity undermine atheism By Anthony DeStefano [With notes for sceptics from Custador]This Easter it seems that atheists have a lot to … [Read more...]

Rock Beyond Belief cancelled.

Thanks to Mike for flagging this up in another thread. I'm not going to write a long article about this at the moment, right now I just want to help spread the news: The US Army has sabbotaged Rock Beyond Belief so badly that it's had to be cancelled.Here's the full story on examiner.com for those who can bear to read itI can only imagine how Sgt. Justin Griffith is feeling right now. I doubt that betrayed even approaches it.On a possitive note, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation is … [Read more...]

Shakespeare's Collaborations

On the subject of historical figures who may not have existed, there were a number of comments about William Shakespeare on the post that started all this. Let me just make the case that Shakespeare himself wrote the plays.First, we can be pretty sure that William Shakespeare existed. We have his will and some court and legal records, and these should be sufficient to establish his existence. Granted, there have been a lot of Shakespeare forgeries over the years, but these documents are … [Read more...]

New Age Agenda to Exterminate Christians

LOL.[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVI4Zp-Mvkc] … [Read more...]

Debbie Does DDT

On the science and skepticism beat, a new movie is out entitled 3 Billion and Counting [note: has background music], which pushes the message that the pesticide DDT should be used to eradicate mosquito-born malaria. The title refers to the supposed number of deaths that could have been prevented had DDT use not been reduced.According to the NYT Blurb/review:Dr. D. Rutledge Taylor is serious about rehabilitating the reputation of the pesticide DDT so that it can be used more widely in the … [Read more...]