Our Daily Bread

Ran into this while clicking around. Don't know where it's originally from:Like I said, I don't know where this is from, so I can't say if its a real or a parody. Regardless, it's just a more extreme version of something I've seen from creationists. They'll ask, "If evolution is real, then why haven't [dogs, whales, aardvarks, monkeys, etc.] learned to talk?"The thinking seems to be that evolution is a fixed path that guides life forms to a higher state, represented by humans. … [Read more...]

The Great Commoner

I've been following the saga of Bryan College. Due to outside pressure from the likes of Ken Ham and other creationists, Bryan College issued a clarification of its mandatory Statement of Belief so that it spelled out a literal belief in Adam and Eve. It's become a thing in the media, and you can see reactions from our neighbors Fred Clark and Peter Enns.A number of the articles I've read includes a line like this one from Christianity Today:Bryan College was notably founded in honor … [Read more...]

How Many Creationists Are There?

Over at Christianity Today, professor of sociology Jonathan Hill is announcing the findings of the National Study of Religion and Human Origins (NSRHO). This survey is an attempt to complicate the evolution/creationism debate by asking more and more detailed questions about the respondents' beliefs about human origins.The result is what you'd expect. Rather than a divided field, the more complex questions give us a bell curve.So Gallup puts the percentage of creationists at 46%. The … [Read more...]

Historical vs. Observational Science

So Bill Nye will be debating Ken Ham on the question of "Is Creation A Viable Model of Origins?" And I think it's safe to say that expectations for Nye couldn't be much lower. Reactions from people like Gref Laden and PZ Myers are basically, "Bill, what were you thinking?!?"According to PZ, Ham intends to bring out his distinction between historical and observational science. I was trying to refresh my memory of this argument, and came across this Q&A from Answers in Genesis. Here Troy … [Read more...]

Creation Today: Pat Robertson Not Crazy Enough

*snifff* I love the smell of in-fighting in the morning.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlLbE650hl0#t=71(via Joe.My. God.)Briefly, Pat Robertson said something relatively sane about creationism. He pointed out that whatever you say about the Bible's authority, it does not necessarily apply to Archbishop James Ussher. Which is perfectly sensible even within the most conservative, literalist framework.Ussher was only one of many people attempting to determine the age of the earth … [Read more...]