Lying for a Good Cause

Here's a video takedown of a common tactic in the modern Creationist movement. In this age of reality television, we've all become familiar with the way that clever editing can create narratives that don't exist. (See Reggie Finley's experience on Wife Swap as an example.) The vlogger who produced this video show how creationists and apologists like Ray Comfort use these basic techniques to distort the content of … [Read more...]

A Different Kind of Creationist

Virginia Heffernan is a journalist who used to write a tech and pop culture column for the New York Times. She's now a correspondent for Yahoo! News. She has a Ph.D. in English Lit from Harvard. And she's a creationist.Sort of. She explains herself in a piece titled Why I'm a Creationist that's been picked up on by Gawker, Slate and a couple of other sources.Most creationist are creationists because they insist on the authority of the Bible. Most likely they don't care all that much … [Read more...]

What’s the Thought Process?

The gap between evolutionist and creationist is pretty wide. It shouldn't be, but the tendency of creationists to get all their information about evolution from fellow creationists creates a gulf of understanding. Often times during a conversation the evolutionist must backtrack and explain what "microevolution" or "genetic drift" actually mean.This gulf means that challenges from creationists often require some side discussion just to establish what's going on in the creationist's head. … [Read more...]

Why Evolution Is False

Once I planted a tomato seed and it came out a tomato.CHECKMATE, EVILUTIONISTS! … [Read more...]

The Coconut Argument for God

  … [Read more...]