Ain’t logic a bitch?

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Australian Cults

Bartholomew's Notes on Religion points us to a distressing story coming out of Australia. It's the story of Kylie and Nathan Zamprogno. According to Nathan, his wife was essentially brainwashed through use of the "repressed memory therapy" by an organization run by John Darnell.!Nathan Zamprogno now runs a blog called The Palimpsest. He's running a three part series on his investigation of Darnell's organization and … [Read more...]

Amazon Tribe, Suicidal Cult

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Church of Science-Fiction

I found this review of Hugh Urban's The Church of Scientology to be very interesting. Urban seems to be a qualified analyst of minority religions and esoteric traditions, with previous works on Tantra and American esoteric traditions in India and America. He also seems to have some works on the political uses of fundamentalism in America which I should probably check out.The whole review was interesting, but this passage stood out to me:Hubbard had frequently compared life to a game, … [Read more...]

Jesus Camp

Here are the edited highlights:[youtube=]I don't want to live on this planet anymore. … [Read more...]