A Question: What Christian Voices Am I Missing?

I've been hearing a lot of complaints from conservative Christians about how hostile American culture has become to Christianity. One major claim is that is that Christianity is being driven out of the public square. As an outsider, I just can't see this happening. Let me just describe the Christian expressions I see just during my hour long morning routine:On the morning news there was a commercial for a local church. This church runs a commercial at this time slot … [Read more...]

When Christian Knock-offs Go Wrong

The tendency of the evangelical sub-culture to take popular ad campaigns and "Jesus them up" a bit is slightly annoying. But hey, they've got to keep those Christian books stores in business somehow, and they can't sell anything that is remotely controversial.But sometimes, the take-offs are ... troubling ...*facepalm*There's another version at Zazzle. It lacks the New Testament quote, which makes me think it's to be worn by Jews. Something of a different message there.Via … [Read more...]

Paying Attention to the Zombie Craze

As zombies continue to be popular in movies and television (and possibly in real life), more people are turning scholarly attention to the subject in the hopes of answering why the craze continues.Here at Patheos, Christian Piatt thinks that the craze is partly a result of our own paranoia about threats from within:I tend to think this points to the mentality of our nation ever since the events of September 11th, 2001. Whereas, in the days of the World Wars, the “good” and “bad’ guys were … [Read more...]

Christ in Hyperreality

Matthew Paul Turner posted this advertisement for Christ in the Smokies, a wax museum and tourist trap in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.This should really be paired with Umberto Eco's essay, Travels in Hyperreality. Sometime in the early 1970's Eco traveled the United States, stopping by museums and tourist attractions. He toured a number of wax museums, including "Christ in the Smokies." He witnessed many instances of what he called "hyperreality," a simulation of reality that exceeds and … [Read more...]

Atheists and Wicca

While I'm reluctant to link to a blog that we are at war with, Camels with Hammers has an interesting series of guest posts from Eric Steinhart. Steinhart has been watching the growth of neo-paganism in America, and has some thoughts and analysis to share. He asks, "Atheists so far have been fighting Christianity. Should they fight Wicca (or neo-paganism) too? If so, it will be a different fight."FWIW, I don't see myself as fighting Christianity. Christians can handle that on their own. … [Read more...]