Look for the Christian Label

Over at Religion in American History, Charity Carney has just finished her series about working in Christian retail. Now Darren Grem is responding, starting off by looking at what we mean when we say that something is "Christian":I certainly have my own opinions about the “Christianness” of various companies. But asking if a company is actually a "Christian" business usually ends up obscuring more than it reveals. Let’s be honest – as with anything else, where you start your line of inquiry … [Read more...]

The Christian James Bond

Evangelical Christianity can never seem to make up its mind. Does it want to separate itself from popular culture, or does it want to embrace popular culture? Sometimes it seems to want to do both, rejecting pop culture for awhile, the scurrying to catch back up with it. This leads to comical results, such as the fact that Christian rock trends are usually 15 years behind the times.So in that vein, meet Jimmy Valiant, an action hero without the gratuitous sex and alcohol.Jimmy Valiant: … [Read more...]

College and Religious Belief

Dennis Prager has a column up at National Review titled Why God Isn't Doing Well. He notes that God isn't doing well these days, although he's vague about what that means. He attributes this to a number of causes, mostly the usual whipping boys of the religious conservatives. Naturally, his first target are the secular universities:The first is that increasingly large numbers of men and women attend university, and Western universities have become essentially secular (and leftist) … [Read more...]

Beck's Dichotomy

Well, Albany has become famous. We've been mentioned by Glenn Beck.This takes a little explaining. Albany is a multi-college town, and we have some neighborhoods that are largely composed of college students renting row houses. A couple weekends ago, there was a big St. Patty's day party (AKA Kegs and Eggs) that spilled into the streets. The partiers trashed some cars and did some other damage.Now, I hear what you're saying, "Vorjack, are you implying that a bunch of college kids got … [Read more...]

UF: Equal Opportunity Critics

Folks, I've been thinking a bit about some of the posts that the UF team has brought you recently, and it seems to me that we might have inadvertantly implied that Christians, particularly Catholics priests, are the only people who could possibly claim moral and ethical superiority while simultaneously raping children. Well, I think it's time to right that wrong.Meet Mohammed Hanif Khan. Mister Khan has taken it upon himself to prove that Imams can be child rapists too. By raping children. … [Read more...]