Free speech and religious (in)tolerance (again)

News from Blighty today that a group of Muslim men are on trial for hate crime after handing out leaflets calling for homosexuals to be hanged.I'm sure I know how most Americans would feel about this, whether they agree with the homophobic message or not - But speaking for myself, I'm torn.On the one hand, this is certainly a form of censorship. On the other hand, it's censoring a group of extreme bigots who are trying to promote hatred to the point of actual murder.At the moment … [Read more...]

So you’re a theist who wants to comment on an atheist blog? Read this first!

There are certain arguments and tactics which we see over and over again, usually (but not exclusively) from Biblical literalist Christians (included hereafter for brevity under the umbrella terms "fundamentalists" or "fundies"). Sometimes their posts are very offensive, but usually they’re just repeating arguments that we’ve already seen many, many times. With that in mind, I’m aiming to create a thread that can be linked to whenever a new commenter turns up and uses these same arguments and tac … [Read more...]

Haters, man.

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How arguing with a believer is like playing chess

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Barker vs. Miravalle

Here's the debate between Dan Barker and John-Mark Miravalle from ReasonFest '11. Thanks to commenter Rich R for pointing it out.Rich says of Miravalle, "The first 1/2 hour his tone of voice was something I could only call "argument by whining" for the existence of god." Yeah, he's trying too hard.[youtube=] … [Read more...]