Courses for Christians Critiqued: “Going Deeper” Part 1 – Ironically Shallow

I've been considering for some time writing a series about some of the courses that various denominations and churches offer their congregations, putatively to help them to understand their faith better. I was intending to start with the Alpha Course, but a Christian friend on facebook posted about attending a course named "Going Deeper". A quick Google search later, I was duly wincing my way through tortured logic and faulty argumentation designed to help soothe unfortunate bouts of cognitive … [Read more...]

Isn’t God’s Design Amazing?

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Appealing to Scientific Values

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God vs Unicorns

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Beck on Bat Creek

Glenn Beck does a lot of talking about God. The odd thing about that is that he does it while surrounded by Christians – most probably evangelicals – while Beck himself is a Mormon. The Mormons may believe in the same God as the rest of Christianity, but they believe he has a very different nature. How Beck handles having such differences with his primary audience is an interesting question.James McGrath points out how many in Beck's audience have co-opted the Progressive Christian arg … [Read more...]