Atheism in a Postmodern World

Modern atheism began about 150 years ago, when all the factors came together to make a lack of belief in a deity seem intellectually sustainable. But at the time, it was part of a diverse group of movements lumped together and called "Freethinkers." These were movements like deism, unitarianism and pantheism which rejected orthodox Christianity and chose selectively from Christian traditions.Today, most of our fellow travelers have fallen by the wayside. The rise of Evangelical Christianity … [Read more...]

The Faith Card

Arguments with Christians frequently end when the Christian plays the "faith card." It's basically a conversation stopper, "You can't understand because you don't have faith." Consider this example from Pastor Steve of Stone the Preacher (courtesy of Michael Mock of Mock Ramblings):I will never answer the majority of the questions unbelievers have about God, questions that deal with proof that God exists; to do so would violate the “faith clause” that is a condition of becoming a Chr … [Read more...]

Religious Extinction?

Here's an interesting story from the Beeb, reporting on a study presented to an American Physical Society meeting in Dallas:"A study using census data from nine countries shows that religion there is set for extinction... The study found a steady rise in those claiming no religious affiliation. The team's mathematical model attempts to account for the interplay between the number of religious respondents and the social motives behind being one."The countries studied were Australia, Austria, … [Read more...]

A question of morals.

I get tired of typing out the same question to a certain brand of theist every time I debate them, so I thought I'd start a thread about it so I can just direct them here in future.I'll start with a premise. There is such a thing as good and bad behaviour. There are moral acts and immoral acts; these things are, in my opinion, highly subjective, but they do exist.Some theists will argue that this proves God exists – because morals have to have a source. Of course, this is flawed immediately b … [Read more...]

The slow death of a religious sect.

News came out on Tuesday that the Church of England (CofE, what Americans would call the Episcopal Church) have decided to go ahead and ordain women bishops. To a secular person, that doesn't seem like a big deal - gender discrimination is, after all, illegal in Great Britain - but to many in the Church, this seems to be a herald of doom. Some high-ranking "traditionalists" are even threatening to convert to Catholicism:Bishop Broadhurst, who is the chairman of the Forward in Faith … [Read more...]