Secular Statue, Religious Statue

Via Rawstory, an Oklahoma man will be allowed to sue the state for its depiction of a allegedly religious statue on the state license plate.The plaintiff is Keith Cressman. The statue is "Sacred Rain Arrow" sculpture by the late artist Allan Houser. The question that is likely to come up in the trial is whether or not the statue is religious. Or rather, do people perceive the statue as religious?It's a tricky question. Consider the secular Christmas display. Our culture has already … [Read more...]

Deconstructing Butt-hurt British Bigots

Today I want to analyse a story that I read on the BBC during my lunch break. It's a story that... Well... It ground my gears. It's a story about homophobic bigots who hide behind religion and claim that their intolerant, hate-filled bile is actually "morality".It's this story. The basic theme is: Roman Catholic Bishop uses Christmas sermon to attack UK Gov plans to legally recognise gay marriage (as distinct from Civil Partnerships). I want to pick out some passages and pass my own (fair … [Read more...]

Protected from Ridicule

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No Laughing!

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A Lack of Persecution

The current meme among conservative Christians - both Catholic and protestant - is that their religious liberty is being threatened by the Obama administration. Russel Shaw, a Catholic columnist here at Patheos, recently posted a column with the title The Persecution of Religion Has Begun. Shaw writes:Currently, too, the Supreme Court, having heard oral arguments, is mulling a case involving a teacher in a Missouri Synod Lutheran school who claims her rights were violated because she lost … [Read more...]