Fear not hell

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Not Being A Jerk About It

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They Keep Getting Younger

This one's in danger of going viral. A boy survives emergency surgery and wakes up with a story about meeting John the Baptist ... and a book deal.[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVtNzONbaiU]I apologize for posting a clip to "Fox and Friends," which is inane even by Fox standards.(via) … [Read more...]

Lithium for the Soul

by VorJackI have a family member – let's call him Kenneth – who suffers from manic depression, with a few more disorders thrown in. He was middle aged before these problems were diagnosed, and so he's had most of his life to get used to them. For the past decade he's suffered through different regimes of medication in the hopes of getting stabilized.During one period where Kenneth was dealing with issues from his medications, we were both involved in a conversation about the afterlife. Aft … [Read more...]