Romance at Mars Hill

This looks to be the Ballard satellite branch of Marc Driscoll's Mars Hill. Someone doctored a billboard with Banksy's iconic "cops kissing" image:As good a use for graffiti as I've ever seen. … [Read more...]

Once you run out of ice giants …

(via Balloon Juice)My guess is he tried the green beer. … [Read more...]

For Sale: Purity Ring, Slightly Used

I thought this was good: an Ebay auction for a Used Purity Ring.This purity ring has a double-band and is etched with True Love Will Wait. It's gently used and looks like new. This isn't weird. Really. It's just that ... how should I say this? ... the ring is no longer needed.What do I have in common with Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, and Nick Jonas? They don't wear their purity rings anymore, and neither do I.This ring will bring you good luck!Condition: Pre-owned. Material: … [Read more...]

Evidence Against Evolution

In the constant back-and-forth argument between creationists and evolutionists, it can be hard to keep up with all the evidence that gets cited for and against. Fortunately for us, The Science Llama has taken it upon himself to compile all the accredited evidence for evolution being a hoax.Ready? Ok ...(Needs sound effects, doesn't it? Crickets chirping maybe.) … [Read more...]

Atheist Dog Tricks

Such a pretty dog. And so well trained too!, yeah, I know, the whole "baby eating" thing is soooo 2010.) … [Read more...]