Invisible Watermelon

Quote from Steve Caruso. By way of Bob Cargill.Left to right, that's Giorgio A. Tsoukalos from History Channel's "Ancient Aliens," Joseph Atwill of Caesar’s Messiah fame and Simcha Jacobovici of various spurious biblical archaeological discoveries. … [Read more...]

Simon Says …

Peter Dinklage recently made an appearance on Sesame Street as the character Simon, provoking deep reflection on the nature of authority: why do we have to do what Simon says?'s acting and facial expressions are worth the price of admission, and the puppet sitar is just icing. … [Read more...]

Naming Storms After Denialists

Alright, this is apt: Bachmann is coming, folks. Stock up on food and bleach. … [Read more...]

The Way Too Philosophical Pop Song

Or, "Why existential philosophers don't reach the Top 40.""We'll be dancing for the rest of our lives, so objectively where is the worth."I dedicate this to Daniel Fincke. … [Read more...]

Scientific Honesty

I love these! Apparently some scientists have been making "secret confessions" on twitter under the hashtag "#overlyhonestmethods". Someone combined these with labphotos, and 22 Words has a collection. Some favorites:I'm trying to think of some good admissions from my own profession of archivism. Sort of "overly honest scope & content notes":"Collection is of negligible historic value, but will be preserved indefinitely because the donor was an egomaniac who gave us … [Read more...]