Jesus was is a Muslim

For some reason there are a lot of Jesus billboards around Albany. They're pretty forgettable. Not like this one, out of Columbus, Ohio:Over at the website mentioned one the sign, the authors are making a case that Muslims are the true Christians:For starters, Muslims are Christians – if “Christian” means someone following the teachings of Christ, so by learning about Islam you are not disobeying Jesus. For example the Quran forbids Swine, (Holy Quran 2:173) and so too does the bibl … [Read more...]

Ex-Muslim Blogs

I'm an ex-Episcopalian. The god I no longer believe in is a Christian one. You might think that atheism is a null state, but a quick look around the atheosphere shows a heavy interest in countering Christian apologetics. Everyone here in the atheist portal at Patheos is focused on Christianity (with maybe a side interest in Mormons, depending on how you define the LDS.)It's not surprising. We're mostly westerners here, and the west has been dominated by Christianity for centuries. Many of us … [Read more...]

The Water Table is an Atheist Conspiracy

Tyler Francke at God of Evolution encountered Ray Comfort playing the "You're not a real Christian" card to some of his detractors. Faced with the mother of all True Scotsman arguments, Francke upped the ante:Well played, sir. Well played indeed.Oddly, there is a group that goes this far. The Congregation and People of Tradition for Proselytism and Jihad, AKA Boko Harem, in Nigeria. That nickname roughly translates to "Western education is sinful," which works as a name and a … [Read more...]

Have We Learned Nothing from the Sepoy Rebellion?

Western Christians have strange ideas about other people's beliefs. Take their approach to the issue of Muslims and pork. Some years back, when an Islamic community led by Kamel Fotouh bought land outside of Houston to build a mosque, the neighborhood freaked out. A neighboring farmer decided to hold pig races next to the property.The Muslim community shrugged, the "attempt to offend missed its mark, according to Fotouh. Muslims do not hate pigs, he said; they just don’t eat them." The i … [Read more...]

Gods of War

Richard Batholomew reads World Net Daily, so you don't have to. This time he's found a piece about Theodore Shoebat, son of Walid Shoebat. Walid is another of those "ex-muslims" who do the evangelical circuit telling everyone how horrible Islam is. They're about as credible as the ex-witches and the ex-atheists.Theodore has discovered that the ancient Mesopotamian Epic of Atrahasis mentions a God whose name can be rendered "Alla." Shoebat jumps to the conclusion that this is actually … [Read more...]