Muslim Riots and 14th Century Christians

As I was thinking about the recent fundamentalist Muslim mobs, this Sam Harris quote came to mind from The End of Faith: In thinking about [fundamentalist] Islam, and about the risk it now poses to the West, we should imagine what it would take to live peacefully with the Christians in the fourteenth century—Christians who were still eager to prosecute people for crimes like host desecration and witchcraft. We are in the presence of the past. Indeed.Dealing with these pockets of Muslim fu … [Read more...]

Bad Movie Sparks Violence

By now, you've heard about the attacks on the Libyan embassy, as well as riots at American embassies in Cairo and Yemen. These riots were apparently a reaction to the film "Innocence of Muslims” which received only a single showing but lives on through youtube clips and the backing of Terry "Dude, you have no Koran" Jones.For those who have been out of the loop, Daily Dish has the best link round-up I've seen. For the moment, I suggest we just ignore the political by-play from camp Romney. … [Read more...]

Neil DeGrasse Tyson: I Don’t Think Bush Knew This

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Michele Bachmann: Too Crazy for the GOP?

Recently, Rep. Michele Bachmann has been attempting to play the McCarthy card, probably for much the same reason that "Tailgunner Joe" did back in the 1950s. But while McCarthy whipped up a Red Menance, Bachmann is worried about "deep penetration" of the US Government by Muslims.McCarthy claimed to have a list of 205 suspected communists. Bachmann seems to have just one possible radical Muslim plant: Huma Abedin, an aid to Hillary Clinton. Here's Alex Seitz-Wald on the insane troll logic … [Read more...]

Taliban Marriage Counciling

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