The Next Level of Poe’s Law

Via Everything is Terrible, here a short piece instructing Evangelicals in how to properly witness to Jews.Regardless of how bad you think it will be, I promise you that it's worse. wish I had the guts to ask some of those "leading questions." My Jewish coworkers would never speak to me again, but the look of stunned horror would be one of those memories you keep forever.(2:21) "It really isn't any harder to make friends with a Jew … [Read more...]

Four Ancient Assumptions about Biblical Interpretation

After the past couple of posts about biblical interpretation, I thought it would be good to post James L. Kugel's "Four Assumptions." These are the assumptions that were held by most biblical interpreters from sometime in the Second Temple period until the Reformation. These come from Kugel's book, How To Read the Bible: A Guide to Scripture, Then and Now, pp. 14-16.1. They assumed that the Bible was a fundamentally cryptic text: that is, when it said A, often it might really mean B. … [Read more...]

There’s a Filter for That

An update on the Jews Against the Internet story from a couple weeks ago. The big convention of Orthodox Jews did indeed meet at New York Mets' Citi Field to discuss the perils of the internet. They did in fact pack the stadium, and apparently spilled over into Arthur Ashe Stadium as well.These were all men, of course. Women attending "viewing parties" in Orthodox neighborhoods.According to The Verge, the message was basically "Internet? Bad!"The main thrust of the meeting, as … [Read more...]

One Way to Escape a Sex Scandal

So Pastor Eddie Long - currently under a cloud of scandal for inappropriate actions with four young men - has been crowned king. King of what, I'm not sure, but in this video Rabbi Ralph Messer anoints him and wraps him in a copy of the Torah. This is seriously weird. have been a lot of reaction to this. Some of the better ones I've found:Rev. Wil Gaffney picks apart some of the claims made by Messer.13. … [Read more...]

Back to the Future: Bible Edition

[via] … [Read more...]